• Registration, Meet and Greet, and Coffee.

  • Welcome, introductions, and pitch

  • Code

  • Lunch – Provided by Forge Conference

  • More Code

  • Presentation, Judging and Awards.


Be a Sponsor


  • Overall Winner for the entire year provided by MLBAM. Tickets to a Phillie's game of your choice provided by TicketLeap. A chance for the grand prize against the Overall Winners from Boston and Montreal.

  • Best Overall Concept

    Each team member gets two tickets (For them and a friend) to a River Sharks game and the team will be able to throw out the first pitch to that game.

  • Best Overall Design

    Tickets to a Phillie's game of your choice provided by TiqIQ and a set of Phillies caps provided by A View From My Seat.


Guidelines & Rules

First and foremost, this event will be a success if everyone has a good time, so rule number 1, please don't do anything that would detract from the fairness or fun of the event. Respect your fellow hackers.

We are using a hack submission service called ChallengePost ( In order to win, you need to submit the hacks through it. It helps organizers keep track of the teams and the projects they create.

Hacks could be (but are not limited to) a tool, application, software, website, or data visualization and may be built using any programing language and platform that you choose. Teams can be of any size, but awards are only given to up to four individuals. Hacks will be judged for 1) Creativity/Originality, 2) Design/Presentation, and 3) Execution/Functionality.

The majority of your coding must happen during the event. Some work done prior to the event is allowed, but it should be disclosed at your demo. Ideas that are compact and executable in one-day format are encouraged, and we will reward teams that recognize this time constraint.

At 6 o'clock, you will have 3 to 5 minutes of presentation and demo time (depending on how many projects there are). Judges also will come around during the event and you are encouraged to tell them about your projects at that time.

Prototypes/mockups for demo is OK, but *working* websites or mobile apps are strongly encouraged.