There’s no crying in hacking.

3rd year / 2 cities

Boston Philly

About Baseball Hack Day

Play ball. Or hack it.

Love creating stuff on your computer and LOVE baseball? Come hack with us!

The third annual Baseball Hack Day is a fun, friendly one-day hacking competition for baseball fans.

It is the day where area baseball minds come together and see what cool projects can be created within a limited time. The project could be (but is not limited to) a tool, app, website, or data visualization. Baseball Hack Day is a free event thanks to our generous sponsors.

For the first time, it will be held in two cities: Boston on March 2nd, and Philadelphia in April. See what we did last year and two-years ago to get an idea.

New to hack days? Have no fear. There'll be people of all skill levels and skill sets participating. See our resources in github wiki, check out our inspiraton blog on tumblr, and follow us on Twitter @BaseballHackDay

History of Baseball Hack Day

Established 2012

Baseball Hack Day was orginally born out of a Boston area news & geek meetup group Hacks/Hackers and Society of American Baseball Research Boston Chapter after watching terrible collapse of 2011 Red Sox season. Our first event was held at The Boston Globe on March 24, 2012 with 35 participants with 9 projects. In 2013, thoughtbot hosted a 31-participants, 10-projects fun and inspiring hack day in March.

The event is based on the principal of the Hack Day Manifesto. It will always be free to attend, and we won’t make participants sign any type of documents. We are run by volunteers, and we’ll never be for-profit.

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